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Tips about Rapping

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It all comes down to memorizing what you write and practicing every day. Also, it helps to write to the beat you want to use so you can go through your lyrics as you write and see how well it fits, if you want to hold out a syllable, slightly sing it, or whatever...

Once it's written, memorize it. Then practice it over and over again. Your delivery will naturally get better over time...

For help and feedback, check out this site: http://www.rap-royalty.com/forum/

There, you can submit your raps in text form (I'm not a fan of that) or record it and submit it in the "audio drops" forum (but you have to give reviews for two other memebrs before doing so or they'll delete your post). Those guys will give you some awesome constructive feedback and get you straight.

Thanks for the awesome feedback!

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When it comes to writing anything (poems, lyrics, music, etc), realize that you're just not very good to start. Even if you're told you are, drill it into your head that you are not. You have to have reason to get better, and nothing helps that better than strong self-criticism. Also, by admitting your shortcomings early, it makes it easier to accept constructive criticism down the road and learn how to apply it properly.

That's all I've got.

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Wow, happy to see I was right when I thought he was trolling.

Someone needs to sign him... Not only is he apparently an amazing lyricist, but he's also borderline genius for coming up with essentially a "meme" to generate a buzz and now is letting his real stuff slowly leak out to the masses. Genius.


The kid played EVERYBODY. Get hype on a bunch of bullshit that he didn't take seriously, and slowly release more and more ACTUAL material. He's apparently from Flint, Michigan also, which sort of lends to his credibility as a writer (I thought at first hearing his ACTUAL stuff that he has a writer, but it seems genuine enough and in character rather than out of place and awkward). Wasn't this kid on Tosh.0 for his goofy poo? Talk about the easiest way to get fame ever.

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