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Official Broncos at Panthers Gameday Thread...

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Steelers fan here who resides in the Carolinas. I believe you can place the blame solely on poor coaching scheme and on cam himself. My team has a rag tag offensive line that has pulled together to be effective because the OC has a scheme in place to get the ball out of the QB's hand quickly. Combine that with a QB who can read a defense and go through progressions properly, and you can be a contender even with less than great Oline personnel.

I don't believe Cam has what it takes from a leadership standpoint to be effective consistently in the NFL. He has never faced adversity or been asked to do more than make one read or run. You guys need an overhaul from the front office down. Best of luck as i do like to see the home team do well even though I bleed black and gold.

How the fug does a QB go through his progressions with a shitty O line? How does a OC with a bad scheme, have a good scheme in place? lol fuging mental midgets.

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