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Chud is a TE coach. Nothing more

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This season puts a nail in this guy's career. He is not head coach material. He is not a play caller. He is a position coach. He doesn't have "it" to be other the first 2 positions I mentioned. The play calling kills our momentum...puts us in bad situations. Puts more pressure on the D with all the three and outs...we don't utilize our 80$ mil backfield. Read option has been a nightmare and we haven't developed Cam as a passer enough in my opinion.

Get this man the heck up outta here after this year

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If Rivera were wise, (which I am not convinced he is)he would petition for Chud's dismissal tomorrow.

If Rivera doesn't finish with a few wins, it's adios, Chico.

He ain't gonna string together any wins with this crappy play calling.

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    • No jarred Norris? No Gino Gradkowski? No Brian Cox Jr, no way.

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    • Hey @E CaT PanTHer 2. For someone that kind of consistently makes strange remarks about black people, and also proudly voted for and supported Donald Trump, you sure don't seem to mind appropriating black culture when it serves you best.
    • I heard something the other day that made perfect sense to me. I was obviously aware of the Austin craze a few years back when interest began peaking and the real estate market began a recovery long before the rest of the country. Someone said, "Austin is outgrowing Austin." Remember Charlotte in 1990 and what happened over the next 20 years? Very comparable and many of the same issues associate with such rapid economic growth, development and population: real estate, infrastructure (traffic), employment competition, etc.