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Complete Embarrassment. Acorsi Has a JOB Ahead of Him.

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Debut of the "new" unis, and we come out and lay an egg.

Defense plays relatively well, offense is one of the worst I've ever seen. We are currently 0/10 on 3rd down conversions.

The Broncos are laying hits on huge guys like Cam and Stew as if they were flyweights.

First thing Acorsi should do is fire Rivera and Chud. Next thing he should do is ensure the next GM uses at least the first two picks in the draft on offensive linemen to come in and start.

This is the worst OL I can recall us having. If we have had any success this year, it has been in spite of them. Chud compounds the problem by calling read options and passes with route combinations that take two years to develop.

JR can't stand for this. Facepalm deluxe.

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Yup. Not really a fan of blowing a franchise up mid season but, this is somehow harder to watch then when Pickles was our starting QB. It somehow had comedic value that season knowing we were going to get a top 3 pick, this year it just feels bad.

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