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Are the silver pants at home history?

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Pretty much agree. What is your thoughts on what will happen though?

Well, I think you'll probably start this topic again a few more times and get flamed for it.

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ALL-BLACK PANTHERS: For the first time in franchise history, the Panthers wore black pants, a change that surprised players and treated fans to a new look.

"We've worn our white uniforms for the last five weeks and just recently got the black pants in," equipment manager Jackie Miles said. "The players did not even know we had them in stock."

Miles said the team planned on wearing the black pants for the final two home games of the season but decided to break them out after a two-game road trip.

In the days leading up to the game, Miles and his staff had the traditional silver pants hanging in the players' lockers, but arrived at the stadium early Sunday morning to switch the pants.

The option on whether to wear black or blue socks was left up to veteran wide receiver and team captain Steve Smith, who opted for blue in order to give the Panthers a more unique appearance.

"I really liked the way it looked," said Miles, noting that both the Jaguars and Saints featured an all-black look with black socks in their respective primetime games this past week.

"When the players showed up today and saw what was laid out, they were pretty excited," Miles said. "They were going crazy. They thought it was great and were very surprised."

Defensive end Charles Johnson said, "I'm not going to lie – I love it. It's a new thing, but, hopefully, we can keep doing it."

Fortunately for Johnson, Miles confirmed that the team would likely wear black pants again this season.

"I'll have to sit down with (President) Danny Morrison, and (Owner/Founder) Mr. Richardson will of course have to approve it, but I'm sure we'll wear them again."

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did anybody see the pic of Cam that CBS put up during the game? He was wearing the blue jersey and black pants. Looked pretty good.

I think that's the only time we should wear the blacks, unless one game a year do a "black out" theme with the fans and wear black tops/black pants. I'd also try them on the road with the white tops too

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They were awesome, I was hyped to see them after all these years of waiting... Much better than the silver pants. That being said, I would really like to see us go with the black socks when we wear them for now on.

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