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The Theory of All Theories: DECEMBER 21, 2012

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The myth: Death and destruction. Complete global catastrophe - either from planet x; a mega solar flare; 1,000 ft. tidal waves; devastating earthquakes; super storms...all stuff straight out of the 2012 movie.

A more realistic theory (?): Ok, this is going to be a long one...and it must be read with an open mind. So here goes...

All the irregularities we're experiencing on this planet, in the form of climate and geological activity, are largely in part due to the sun. Right now the sun is going through a major transition, as we see it drastically heating up...and at increasing rates over the past couple decades. I recently came across a paper written by "Daniel," speaking on the current situation of the planet in regards to the sun. Daniel was one of the scientists who worked on the Montauk Project back in the 70's, and is one of David Wilcock's most valuable insiders. Just recently, Daniel decided to go public with the knowledge he attained from his workings on scientific black ops. Anyways, he describes exactly what the sun is going through right now, and how it will effect virtually everything...

There are two things in particular that need to be noted about the sun: Increased solar flares (x-rays) and sun spots...and when I say increased, I mean at record-breaking levels. Why is this important? The process of magnetic ionization occurring within the sun's photosphere operates at faster than light (FTL) speeds. A little background on this first...when matter residing at sub-light speed is accelerated into FTL speeds it becomes radioactive; it emits radio waves while throwing off particles. The extent of which is all based on its isotopic mass which inverts on itself when crossing the speed of light. This is a natural process that occurs to the matter in order for it to remain stable within the environment. So lets take a look at the other end of the spectrum -- when matter travels from FTL to sub-light speeds what happens? The exact opposite: It reacquires the isotopic mass it lost, while emitting x-rays. Ok, so keep this in mind for later...some more background on the sun (stars) first...try to stay with me here, haha...

A lot of Daniel's work is backed up and in correlation with a scientist by the name of Dewey Larson. Larson is most known for his work on Reciprocal Systems (RS) physics, which in short, explains that the properties of all matter in the universe is based on motion. When getting into astronomy and stellar evolution, its accepted conventional principles are based upon the assumed stellar combustion process, being fusion. Under RS based on scalar motion, there are two "destructive limits" for atoms...the thermal limit (commonly used in thermo-nuclear reactions), and the age limit, which regards the capturing of charged electron neutrinos that create isotopic mass by the atom -- also known as fission. As a consequence of this, Dewey came to the conclusion that the conventionally accepted stellar and galactic evolutionary sequence is backwards. With that being said, it would suggest the following about the development of a star: They are formed by dust made up of different elements, being compressed by gravitation and heated up, forming an infrared protostar. After a sufficient aggregate is formed, the thermal limit of atoms begins the process of atomic fission to the star, forming a red giant. To keep it short, it goes through different stages of ionization processes and limit maximization's while still heating up...going from a red supergiant, to an orange giant, yellow then white main sequence stars, then on up to blue giant, and supernova. The revelations discovered within these new parameters of examination should be very telling when compared to simple observations, especially when getting into the idea of fractals. The lifespan of a star consists of different stages of "heating up," which can be paralleled to the stages of a piece of metal while getting hotter...first red, orange, yellow, white, and finally blue at its peak.

Ok, so why is all this important? It is important because we can now accurately recognize which stage of our sun's evolution it currently resides at. With that being said, has anyone looked up at the sun recently? Perhaps you've noticed a subtle change in hue over the decades? Or that its brighter than ever it seems. How about hotter? I'll take 70 degree weather in November all day long, haha. Just maybe, the sun is the real cause of global warming? Just an idea. Anyways, according to Daniel and Dewey Larson, our sun is about to go from yellow main sequence to white main sequence. This may be why some of you have noticed the sun is a lot more white and a lot brighter than usual. The "dusty" area of space we're in is drastically adding fuel to the fire.

The connection: Due to increasing sun spots and the extraordinary level of CME's (as a result of the natural mass-acquiring stair-step development of stars -- the continual evolution of increasing ionization at sub-light speeds), we can see that the sun is about to go through this transition. Under RS physics everything is quantized into discrete units, which is also the case for destructive limits. Dewey claims that stars do not heat smoothly, but remain at a very specific temperature until it abruptly leaps up into a new temperature range as the ionization level increases, controlling the age limit. Here are some telling words: Daniel states that "when the magnetic ionization level of the sun increases, it will be like throwing a cup of gasoline on the barbecue grill coals - a burst of flame and thermal activity, so much that it will move the thermal speeds past the speed of light. This inverse of thermal emission actually occurs frequently on a small scale, and is the reason that sun spots are dark and appear cool. Inverse (FTL) motion is super-hot, so hot that it appears cool and the region of the sun where it takes place goes dark, as in the sunspot umbra. There are already indications of this beginning to occur. Except this time, the whole sun will become an "umbra" - there should be a bright flash, like a nova flare, when the gas hits the fire (additional elements suddenly being available for fuel from the jump up in magnetic ionization), then the sun will go dark, like it went out."

Three days of darkness...anyone? Haha...

After the transition, it is said that the sun will be physically larger, brighter, hotter, and of more of a white-ish hue. However more importantly, this transition will also change the planet and all life as we know it. Without getting too technical, lets start off with the idea that we are made of "star stuff," as commonly accepted these days. One of Dewey's arguments in regards to biological structure, is that it "mimics stellar behavior." Its stated "Life is composed of a stable combination of matter and antimatter (antimatter being called "cosmic matter" in RS and exists in 3-dimensional time). This linkage also has its sublight (spatial body) and faster-than-light components (temporal mind or soul), and even continues one step beyond that into the realm of ethics and metaphysics."

This is when you get into the new age stuff and "ascension"...or moving up to 5D. It is said our inherent cosmic matter will then take the reigns, expanding our on current conscious perception of 3-dimensional space to include 3-dimensional time. It has been described by many that this new perception of reality will be like a combination of the physical world and the dream world. It also involves a jump back to unity consciousness and "oneness," with each other and the planet. Due to this attained level of higher connection and awareness, things like telepathy, telekinesis, manifestation, time travel, flying, etc, will be possible. Our bodies will transfer from carbon-based to crystalline-based, and we will be much lighter, taller, and agile. Our life spans will increase almost indefinitely and we will cease to age. We will all have a glow around us, glistening white light just like the sun. Does any of this sound familiar? You could argue that this state of 5D is what the Christian religion refers to as "heaven." While it can definitely be paralleled with what one would perceive as being "heaven," it could also very well be "hell," for others. Keep in mind that this will be a very "create your own experience" type of situation. If you have demons to face, now is the time to deal with them. When the tidal wave comes through (not literally) you have two choices: You can either run in fear and drown, or you can grab your surfboard and ride the wave. The big thing here is to learn to let go. We will all be forced to at one point. Things like material infatuation, overabundance, grudges, hate, fear, division, prejudices in any form...they all need to go. Prepare to be placed outside of your comfort zone. It is soon time to get back to what really matters -- friends, family, community, helping and looking out for one another...and most of all, LOVE -- for life, the planet, everyone. If strange things start to go down, and everyone grabs for their shotguns while making their homes into bunkers with all-out anarchy going on in the streets, it will be the beginning of the end and we will destroy ourselves and the planet. People will lose their minds during the shift, creating a perpetual hell. The shift is already happening, and these create your own reality concepts are already coming into play. In my personal experience these days it seems people are either on the upward or on the downward. Their lives are either falling apart or more increasingly becoming a breeze, loaded with synchronicity. It is time to choose your path...either that of love and unity, or that of fear and separation.

Well I think this has been long enough, haha. I could go on to talk about how HAARP, chemtrails, and underground bunkers, are potential "blockers" the government has been messing with to help prevent the transition and save them from it underground (because they do not understand it), but that would take a few more pages.

Make of this however you want...but at the least I hope you found it somewhat entertaining :)

If you're interested in Daniel's newly released paper regarding this material, it can be found and explained eons more in depth at: http://www.soldierhu...engineering.pdf

He also has another very interesting write-up that he has since released on the true nature of time: http://www.soldierhu...Timelines-1.pdf

5 days and counting...

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Decemeber 21 is the Winter Solstice...The shortest day of the year. The significance of which is that it is/was considered the death of the Sun from the earliest civilizations who saw the Sun as life(God).

The Sun stays low(dies)for 3 days(familiar?) in the horizon before resuming its rise again on the 25th(rebirth).

As with almost all pagan and evolved modren religions astrology and Sun worship are at the basis of them and the Mayan death date..Dec. 21st is no exception.

Its not to say a Solar flare will shoot out with the rare planetary alignment happening basically creating a guidance system for the flare.

Merry Christmas.

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I respect everyone's beliefs, and I can see where venom is coming from about a lot of other things as well... Even if I don't believe it's a certainty, I at least consider it and weigh it up against what I know to be true or how other people perceive it as well.

That being said... If you believe this scenario to be true, what do you do if it doesn't happen? What if the 21st comes and goes and nothing happens? Then what?

As a Christian, from my view, it sounds basically like this is a non-Christian's way of saying our spirits will leave our bodies and then depending on where you are spiritually (good person or bad person) you elevate to a Heavenly state or you go to Hell like state.

Obviously, in Christianity, we believe once you leave this Earth/life as we know it, you either go to Heaven or Hell depending on whether you're saved and have tried to live accordingly.

I don't want to make this about my beliefs, just trying comparing the two situations...

But, in saying that, I have been thinking about a lot of related stuff recently. For instance, a lot of red blooded conservatives now believe (incorrectly, IMO) the world is over because Romney lost the election, and now we're all headed downhill economically, which could lead to a new world order type deal, etc. And I told someone recently to think back throughout the history of the world, and look at how many times someone could've said "this is it." The biggest example I can think of is the World Wars... No doubt in my mind many Christians believed that was the "end times" and Hitler was the anti-Christ. But, it wasn't.

So, regardless, I encourage everyone, regardless of what your beliefs are, to continue to live a good, respectable life, be mindful and caring towards others, and live a life you and the people you know can be proud of. I guess I'm saying I think this time is no different than any other in history, it just seems we're inundated with an oversaturation of "end of days" (at least of how we know them) theories because of the current state of society and access to mediums that feed those theories.

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in some ways this is like any type of insurance. you buy it in the hopes you never really have to use it. if all this is to come true, nothing you can really do about it.

if nothing happens, ok, nothing happens. but it's still always good to take a step back and do some self evaluation. take a look at areas to improve upon or relationships to build or trying new things or serving in the community more and so on.

to often we live arrogantly thinking we are the center of the universe. this is as good a time as any to help others more than yourself.

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Hurricane Sandy should be a reminder to all of us that you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist or a doomsday prepper in order to be prepared for a problem.

Everyone should take reasonable precautions, have extra food and water that will last a bit, have an evacuation plan, keep gas in your car above half a tank, stuff like that that most of us take for granted...

If something truly major happens (meteor/comet impact, major tsunami, aliens, zombies,etc.) the vast majority are screwed anyway...

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Everyone knows that the Mayan calendar didn't account for leap years, right?


*Moot point

They weren't saying it was the end of the world

Its their equivalent of saying we are entering the age of aquarius

Maybe we'll go 5d...that'd be cool

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