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Rivera's pride

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Anybody else think that's hurting the team at this point?

Let's think here. Joe Adams. Sure, he deserved the brief benching due to fumble issues. Send him a message that way. Then what? Never sees the field. Wasting a roster spot, and more importantly, while we have him, wasting talent. Then, Gettis. I mean, WTF? Give him a shot to go out there and catch a few passes. Instead, we're stuck with guys who can't get open (and since Gettis is really our biggest and fastest WR, there is NO reason to keep him on the sideline if he's healthy).

He needs to get over himself and start putting guys out there and giving them a shot/another shot. We need a spark, and Gettis is that, I think.

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I mean, I know this subject has been kicked around WITHIN other threads (as far as Rivera not seeming to have a clue), but as far as his pride being a question, I haven't really seen it. Interested to see if anybody else gets that vibe. I tend to take the stoic nature of a lot of coaches as pride. For most, it's OK, because they have a reason to be prideful. Seeing Bill Belichick seem prideful is fine, because he is an accomplished head coach. I guess it falls in line with QBs who are overtly cocky. If they consistently perform at the top of the league at their position, they're allowed that privilege. Rivera, though, clearly hasn't earned that. So seeing him not making decisions that COULD help us and seeing him act so indifferently, at least outwardly to us, it is just annoying.

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I just can't believe this year turned into this. Would never have predicted Chud to go full retard and Rivera being a terrible head coach in his 2nd year. No game awareness from either of these 2. It's going to be an interesting offseason. I hope the GM is a creative badass who understands how to build and actually utilize a roster....because damn his job is going to be harder than a diamond in an ice storm...

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