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First big test of the season

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lightsout    2,447

Winning 3 straight is awesome. I love it. But, I'm already looking at Saturday. We have a damn good Memphis team coming to Charlotte looking to improve an already impressive 6-1 record. Impressive due to both the level of competition they've faced...as well as the fact that they are on a 6 game win streak since losing to the Clippers in their season opener. Beat both Miami and OKC by double digits, and they'll be coming here after playing the Knicks on Friday.

I think we take a pretty convincing loss here. Our defense hasn't been great so far this season, and Memphis puts up points. I'm guessing we lose something like 107-89. The ONLY way we win is if our defense plays it's ass off and our boys Kemba and MKG continue to ball out. We do have 2 days rest coming in, so that's good. More time for MKG to get 100% and more time to prepare on how to stop that impressive ass back-court and post play of the Grizzlies. Conley can run and shoot and Randolph is just...good, in general.

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Sapper    1,298

Best case scenario: NY goes and wins in San Antonio tonight. NY goes to Memphis tomorrow and has their unbeaten record snapped. Memphis rolls into Charlotte on a high horse and loses.

Honestly though, we need to make these home games count and it will be an important 4 game home stretch.

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carolina-chuck    2,761

We will win, trust me guys.

Kemba and Sessions are too fast for the Grizzs to handle.

MKG and Taylor will do a good enough job on Rudy.

We need Mullens and Haywood to win in the paint. REBOUNDS, REBOUNDS, REBOUNDS!!!!! If the two of them can rebounds, we will win.


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bLACKpANTHER    3,419

Memphis just beat the undefeated Knicks last night. This will be a good game to gauge where this team is really at.. Did we A) put together a good string of wins OR B did we just beat up on a Nene & Wall-less Wiz team and a Love & Rubio-less Wolves team?

The answer is probably Both but you have to stat somewhere

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