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Have you ever had a "rainman" moment?

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As in, a moment where you did something that was over your known mental capacity?

As for me, I have always struggled with Algebra. I came VERY close to failing high school Algebra I and II. (I only passed II because I had a bathroom pass I could redeem as a 100 on a classroom assignment.)

Though I was awful with Algebra, one of my buddies was working on a trigonometry or calculus assignment. When I walked in the room he looked stumped and asked me what I knew about the subject. Just for the hell of it, I looked at the equation.

There was some brackets I had never seen before, some strange symbols and a few confusing letters mixed with numbers. I quickly blurted out: "Take a look at the numbers inside these brackets. If you were to notice the end result, it is 6 squared a total of 6 times. So your answer in 6 to the 6th power."

My buddy tried the equation with my answer and guess who was right! He looked stunned, amazed and puzzled. For the life of me, I don't know how I knew the answer to quickly or understood the equation so well. Ask me any Algebra equation to "solve for for X" and you will still see steam coming out of my ears.

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Thats how I was with Chemistry. I didn't understand a lick of what was being said in class. Most of the answers on homework were way off. But thats also the time I learned I'm a very good guesser... somehow I aced most of the tests. Due to a death in the family, I didn't take my chemistry final exam until the next school year, several months later. I aced that too.

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All the time man. I can guess the hell out of anything that involves math by relating the numbers in the question to the numbers in the answers. If it isn't multiple choice, I'll generally have a tough time getting my mind around it though. I did really well in state math competitions in high school despite not knowing how to actually do any of the actual equations like the nerds and Asians did.

Same thing with music as they said up there, knowing what a song is takes no time at all. And somehow I can remember songs I've only heard like once before years ago and sing along. (But I think a lot of people can do sh*t like this with music)

And geography. For some reason, I can relate places with relative population sizes really well. Ask me the population of a country, a city, a metro area, etc, and I can give you a ballpark estimation quickly.

Maybe I'm just a sexier, socially sane version of Rainman.

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