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Where's your scapegoat now?

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Fox007    4,276

Cam played well after the 1st quarter and like others have said Chud goes into retard mode when it counts most.

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fjblair    199

Yes, I have. All of them. Cam has had bad games. Matt Ryan had a game today that is worse than any game Cam has had all year. His team won. Why? Better coaching. Cam has some blame in all of the losses, sure, but so does any QB who turns the ball over and his team ends up losing. You gonna blame Peyton Manning for every loss his team ever has because some games he throws multiple INTs? No, Peyton gets some of his blame for his team when they lose, IF he plays badly and makes mistakes (and yes, he does at times, he's human). So when our own fanbase jumps down Cam's throat for one or two mistakes and says "we lost because of Cam", it's fuging ridiculous.

I agree but Panther Huddle is prone to knee jerking generalizations.

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Panths    76

Sad thing is, he was playing excellent in the second half and Rivera and Co. still didn't trust him to air it out enough to extend the drive and run the clock out.

And why is 2nd and 3rd short yardage so freaking difficult for us?

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