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Post your reaction when Ron Rivera gets fired

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Many of you guys on here might not know, but Ron Rivera grew up in the same cities I did as a kid. My Dad is from NC and joined the Army and was stationed on Ft. Ord California. I grew up on the same Army base as Rivera and went to the same schools (Seaside High) as Rivera. I really wanted to see Ron do good in Carolina, it would be nice to see a guy from my home town be successful as the coach of my favorite NFL team. Herm Edwards is another guy from my hometown, but he didnt fair to well as a HC, and neither has RR.

So I would be sad to see him go, but I know he just isn't ready to be a HC.....

Monterey Bay, baby. Presidio of Moneterey for me. Same bay, different sides.

I wanted Chico to succeed too, but just like my 16th birthday wish for the Lewis twins to pay me a late-nite, unannounced visit to my bedroom window begging to come in and show me how to handle 2 women at once didn't happen, Rivera keeping his job ain't gonna happen.

I am hoping tomorrow ends this fiasco.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.