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The Great One Speaks on the Panthers

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    • I have to apologize to @TheRed , not for what I have said, but most certainly how I have said it. He was right that this isn't how I normally post and my passion for the subject matter got the best of me and left me with the just the worst. I should have said, "Please, you have obviously got an informed opinion and a desire to get the best out of this country we share, so don't pass up on your opportunity to cast a ballot. It doesn't have to be for every race, but find someone or something you can get behind and put your votes there." One single vote may not matter in a presidential, or even gubernatorial, election, but don't let that turn you into thinking the voter doesn't matter. Look, act and vote local -- these are the races that have the most impact on your life and where you have the most impact, too. A change at the local level does reverberate up the ladder, it is how all great movements start. I won't get on you or anyone else about not voting again, but please, in exchange, could you just commit to casting a ballot next time your local elections roll along? You are full of smart ideas and are passionate about a number of issues, don't let that go to waste. You might very well actually improve things. And Lord, we sure do need that, don't we? Once again, my apologies to @TheRed and @NanuqoftheNorth for going above and beyond in calling you out. You deserve a better shake than I gave you.
    • I wouldn't say he made him look bad, just expendable (and overpaid).
    • Good let them. Will just allow other good players to drop to us in round 2-4

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