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Cap Ramifications

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 09:16 AM

Hurney Magic?

Like many I was so caught up in the excitement that ANYTHING was happening to realize we were murdering our future.

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 03:46 PM

Williams/Beason will be restructured.

I could see Gamble released no doubt.

Gross is interesting.
He is part of the old "Get'em next time" locker room.
He is trending downward and quickly.
A move to RT might extend his career, but 1) how would be perform there and 2) that's a ton to pay a RT and 3) Bell is horrible at RG.

If we can draft a stud LT (Jockel? from A&M) I could see him being released.

That would put us under the cap, just cutting Gamble and Gross.

Williams will be less likely to listen to reason than Beason on a major restructure IMO.

The problem with restructuring Beason or Williams is that their signing bonuses are still so high and the remaining bonus when you restructure accelerates. So we'll be on the hook for the old bonus, as well as any new bonuses in their contract.....

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 04:11 PM

Unless gross retires I would be amazed if he is cut outright. People are looking at him with loss tinted glasses. He is still, flat out, our best lineman in the run game and has given up the least pressure on a per play basis than everyone else. He is the player the players respect and look up to and has hardly missed any football in his entire career. Restructure is what I'm thinking is the right angle to take, if he doesn't want to I would still be pretty baffled/surprised/confused if we cut our best Oline player.

Beason is not going anywhere. Look at the way TD plays the outside position. Beason can be that same level of play maker that he is if he wants to.

Gamble... Again, you would be cutting the best player in our secondary by quite some margin.

I'm all for smart ways to save cap space, but cutting two of your best players is a huge risk.

Your post had me nodding my head and nearly agreeing until I got to the last part: "Huge Risk"

This team has 10 wins out of thier last 42 games. The "Huge Risk" is staying with the status quo and continuing to pay players that have been a part of this disaster.

This franchise will not move forward until they can part with thier past. Unfortunately, that means parting with guys like Gross and Gamble who have made an impact with this team over the years.

I do agree with you about Beason, however I don't think you can justify paying him the amount he is owed after two season ending injuries. it just doesn't make sense. I really hope they can restructure him and he can return to being the player that everyone knows he is capable of, however if he can't; this franchise can't afford him receiving the amount he is owed while that money could be used elsewhere.

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 04:17 PM

Like many I was so caught up in the excitement that ANYTHING was happening to realize we were murdering our future.

....and how in the hell did he sell this bag of sht to a supposedly astute business man like Richardson...i dont get it....