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Those of you with a truck

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ya...we don't get so much flooding in these parts!!!

thanks all...no decision made, but I have to be honest, I'm leaning towards a Dodge 1500....the imports seems to be priced quite alot higher and for obvious reasons, aren't as many for sale either.

We'll see

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Guest Tom Cat

Got a 99 Ford F 150 that I bought at a dealership over near Charlotte new and drove back over here to the coast- probably the most reliable and most comfortable vehicle all around I have ever owned - havent put any money into it except for a pair of ball joints and routine maintenance in all that time.

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Have been a truck guy most my life.

I've also had the pleasure of borrowing a couple of four year old trucks the last few weeks, as I've needed to pick up furniture a couple different times, will need to again next week. Both times, I've pulled a trailer, and had to drive around 130 miles round trip.

While both the ford and GMC pulled well for what i needed, the gmc did it better gas milage.

Also keep in mind, the Gmc/chevys are industry leaders in trucks.

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meant to add that....just a half ton will be plenty for me. I'm working in Calgary...which is a three hour drive from home, so I do that drive every Sunday night or Monday morning and then return Thursday night or Friday...this time of year, that drive can be really shitty. Took me nearly 6 hours last week with all the snow and ice etc.

I also have a 20 foot ski boat and a couple of utility trailers to haul and then for general work around the acreage.

gas mileage will be a concern...minor concern I suppose.

Get a diesel with a plug in block heater for those cold Canadian mornings. I had a 6.5 litre Turbo diesel in my big Chevy 4 x 4 extended cab Dually. Regardless of if I was towing anything, or in 4WD or not. I got 16 MPG all day long. On long runs on the highway, I'd get 17-17.5 MPG. (That was a 1994, they probably get better mileage now.)

That's my 2 cents.

Mine looked like this with a scooped hood.


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You'll get a 100 different suggestions, but in the end, the truck will be as good as the care you give it - regardless of manufacturer.

I own a silverado 1500 4 door 4x4. That being said, it has never gotten the 21mpg that was advertised - well, it gets anywhere between 15 and 99 mpg for short periods of time as indicated by the driver information center.....lol.

I've gotten a steady 19-21mpg only when driving on level highway at about 57 mph. Best I've ever gotten on a full tank was 16.8 mpg. But it is by far the most comfortable ride of any truck I've ever owned.

I own a 21' boat, and when towing it I run in 5th gear (it has a 6 speed automatic that can be manually shifted when towing). When I'm pulling at about 60 mph, it gets about 11.5 mpg. Anything over 65mpg, that gets lower and lower. Fords seem to blow by me when towing, but I'll take the ride comfort over getting there 5 minutes faster anytime.

Best advice, test drive all and pay attention to the things that mean the most to you - comfort, dash board layout, sound - before deciding.

I drive a chevy for only 2 reasons. Ride comfort and the fact that parts availability exceeds all other manufacturers - that increased availability of parts = reduced repair cost when it breaks. Believe me, they all break eventually.

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