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Bigger Problem: Offense or Defense?

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I get it. Only our offense can win us games, the defense are merely stageprops.

nope. you're still not getting it.

you're still talking out of your ass and seeing only what you want to in other peoples post.

i said the whole team is losing the games. the offense isn't putting enough points on the board and the defense is choking at the end.

it's a team effort. a team fail. just most recognize that while the offense was the strength last year, it's not this year. the defense picked up and got a bit better, enough that we'd be winning if the offense had done what it should have done, and gotten better instead of taking a few hundred steps backwards (primarily because of chud's playcalling).

you can't honestly say that the offense is as good as it was last year, can you? you admitted that the defense got better...saying that they went from trash to mediocre. last year we would have won 9 or 10 games if the defense had been mediocre or at least as good as it is this year.

this year the offense sucked it up. they should have improved having a year under their belts in the system and cam with a year of experience. they didn't they regressed and they are worse than the offense this year because they can't get a couple yards at crucial times and they can't get into the endzone when they are right on it.

the defense is choking, yes, but so is the offense. they just haven't been clutch nor have they been able to capitalize on opportunities given to them throughout the game that only made it easier for the defense to be in bad situations at the end of the game.

the defense shouldn't have been put in a situation to choke against tampa. they should have kept onto the ball and just ran out the clock. they were quite capable of doing that and they didn't. the defense didn't have to make it so easy for them to get down the field, but they shouldn't have even had to defend the ball.

same thing with that loss against atlanta. it shouldn't have been in their hands at the end of the game. rivera should have had us go for it on 4th and 1. cam shouldn't have fumbled when he was trying to get that one yard the down before that. the team should have gotten that first down and ran out the clock.

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