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It really is f'ed up... No one is saying that Medlock was going to be a hall of famer, but he wasn't really given a chance. He's only attempted a total of what, 8 FGs this season? That is a joke. We barely even get into FG range with any regularity, and you cut a guy who barely got a chance to do his job because we suck at everything else? LOL.

I guess he made that fake punt call too, right?

Don't get me wrong, I actually pointed to Graham Gano as a reason to pull for Medlock... You can pick up a FA kicker who ends up being a guy you can count on for years... Medlock just didn't get a fair shake and K is among the least of our problems IMO. I also have to wonder who made this decision considering there is no official GM in place. I think it's ridiculous to let Rivera make decisions when he isn't going to be here next year anyway.

Absolutely. Firing Medlock is a WTF? move. Rivera really shaking things up by firing the special teams coach and now a kicker that missed 2 in a row. Rivera is just completely without a clue and that stoic, emotionless and zombie like facial expression we see every week is for real. I seriously think he is not playing with a full deck.

Kicking ass and taking names, that's Ron Rivera baby.

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wow goes 5-5, misses 2 FGs and he's cut. The other 3rd missed one was blocked. Rivera definately looking for a scapegoat.

It was his last 3, but I get you here. Rivera did not use him much and then started doing so when he was criticized.

However, you should never take the kicking position lightly--too many games are decided by less than a TD.

Not to worry, I saw the add for the new kicker on Craig's list.

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