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What Happens if DeAngelo Williams is Cut or Traded?

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JR's pie chart shows he has one of the most profitable professional teams in all sports......and we rarely win.

So suddenly fans are going to force JR not rebuild again to clean up Hurney's mess? Don't see the evidence supporting that.

JR needs to do what he foolishly didn't do when Fox left. Blow it up. We don't need a 3rd coach losing with a Fox built team......

so start with a new QB as well? it's not like we're winning with him.

meh.....i said some players should be gone, esp. when they are easily replaceable and cutting them doesn't hurt the cap. i also said that holes should be filled with vet talent.

i also said that the culture needs to change and a lot of that has to happen by losing some older players, but that needs to be done carefully to avoid creating unnecessary holes or more problems for the cap or worse holes made in the roster with less money to work with.

that can all be done without "blowing the team up" and starting over. we need a new coaching staff (led by a HC who knows how to be a HC) to go with our new GM. that's not blowing it up. the team needs to win now. not just for the fans, but for the big cat himself.

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