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again...not having the guy on a pedestal means i'm a hater?

saying that there's no big deal that someone gets his jersey number or that the first jersey we retire shouldn't be a kicker and that maybe it should be reserved for, i don't know...someone that gets in the HoF?

sorry if i have higher standards for retiring a jersey other than he was here a long time (yes, one of the original panthers) and he was a good guy. ring of honor or give him a statue. either one.

calling me a hater? lol

and you look at where he was ranked for most of the last decade it's respectable, but nothing special. one thing that is interesting is his relation to shayne graham (that filled in for kasay for 11 games in '02 and who i wanted us to pick up when we released kasay).

starting in '03 after he missed most of the '02 season and looking at kickers with one field goal attempt per team game...

'03- 12th with an 84.2 avg (behind graham)

'04- 6th with an 86.4 avg (behind graham)

'05- 23rd with a 76.5 avg (behind graham)

'06- 8th with a 88.9 avg

'07- 14th with a 85.7 avg (behind graham)

'08- 5th with a 90.3 avg

'09- 20th with a 81.5 avg (behind graham)

'10- 9th with a 86.2 avg (graham only played the last games of the season with the pats that year but he was perfect in each of those games: 12 for 12)

now as far as career, pro football reference has him with a lifetime FG avg of 81.883% which puts him at 21st all time career avg. that sounds pretty good, i suppose until you realize that there's 16 ahead of him that are active, including graham that is 6th with a 85.401%.

on field goals made he's 6th all time which is another really impressive stat but then you look at the rest of the top guys on that list and they all pretty much hung on in the league until they were 40+ or nearly 40. the longer you manage to play, the more FGs you make. all you have to do is pretty much just make yourself relevant enough, often enough to keep yourself in the league until you are in your 40s and you'll be among the top. another interesting thing is that among those kickers at the top he is one of a couple who were never all-pro in their career. and if you are one of those who, unlike me, think that the pro-bowl matters...he's only got one. since 1991.

so...when people say he's average or just above average, there's a lot more credence to that so don't get all pissy. he was respectable in his career, but as a kicker he wasn't all that special. he just survived for all but 2 seasons in panthers history.

great guy, but as a kicker....pretty good. not great, but pretty good.

at least that's my opinion. sorry if that makes me a hater.

Stats n facts just happened.. Also to pile on Kasay lost his ability to effectively kick and cover kickoffs.

Exactly my he a Hall Of Famer..easily no.

Is he THE first Panther and a major cog in the history of the Panthers..yes. Does playing for a long time get you a Statue as some have a buch of crazies.

Shayne Graham is better the last ten years but he missed that extra point against the Packers in his fill in game..something about Charlotte Sod that makes kickers suck.

Also Does he look like..a bitch..


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