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Would you trade for Cousins?

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Love watching him, I've mentioned him a bit over in the NBA Section. He is the most skilled Center in the league. He can score, dribble, pass, rebound. He does it all. He would fit well with this team in terms of skill and what we need in the front court.

The problem with him is his mental makeup. If you watched the Jazz game on NBATV the other day, that was the epitome of Cousins. He got ejected off of two technicals but before he was doing so well. That dunk was ridiculous. He needs discipline and maybe a change of scenery. But there's no guarantee he'll shape up.

The one problem I do see in trading with the Kings, is I'm not sure what they'd want. They have guards in Brooks, Thornton, Evans and bigs with Thompson and Robinson. I think Henderson would be our best trading piece but we'd have to throw in a draft pick because I'm not sure they have a dire need for him.

It'd be tough but I'd definitely do it. Especially if Dunlap can get him straight.

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Just saying if we land a top 3 pick (not likely), would anyone like to trade that pick + etc for Cousins? I would. Kings can get a Zeller or Noel in return while we get Cousins.

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I've always seen him as a more talented Zach Randolph. I would love to have him, but I'm not sure now would be the time to trade for him. Wait until he signs a big extension and becomes a distraction then his trade value will plummet

Of course if you could trade a mid 1st round pick + Henderson or something similar I would say go for it, but since he is still on his rookie deal for another couple years I dont think Sacremento would be interested

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