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Seriously.. Does anyone think Rivera is just cursed?

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I agree with Rayzor, Rivera makes me want to curse be he is not cursed.

Dumb he may be yes, cursed he is not.*yoda*

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When you coach in a manner 'not to lose', losing eventually makes itself welcome. Thats how I look at it. No he's not cursed. He needs to be more aggressive and not so predictable when the game is on the line. Fire your best bullets, win or lose go down or prevail firing your best bullets. Don't leave room for people to come after you because you lost a game in passive fashion. Best coach I ever had gave us the green light to make aggressive mistakes..... you can live with those... less people can fault you for that. Atlanta game was a perfect example....

I am seriously disgruntled about the way he plays not to lose. It is like Fox to the 25th power. Fox was conservative, but Rivera plays not to lose. He act like Cam can't handle audibles. He allows underneath routes all the way down the field in the loss to the Bears instead of getting on Mcdermott. He rarely trys FGs from 48 to 55 yards. It is just like SanFran, but they needed a coach that believed in them.

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