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Tyler Vagyler's Mock Offseason v1.0

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Below is my first go at this and it's probably going to look pretty crazy and out of left field. There are several different coaching combinations I've been throwing around in my head but this is one is my attempt at being realistic but interesting. The roster moves are somewhat of a shot in the dark but it's only v1.0.

General Manager:

Marc Ross

Director of College Scouting, New York Giants


Head Coach:

Vic Fangio

Defensive Coordinator, San Francisco 49ers


We hire another successful defensive coordinator to be our next head coach. Vic Fangio has had a lot of recent success and will be in the rumor mills for more than one position this offseason. His ties to the organization make him a possible candidate here in Carolina.

Defensive Coordinator:

Todd Grantham

Defensive Coordinator, University of Georgia Bulldogs


Todd Grantham was the defensive line coach for Houston Texans while Fangio served as defensive coordinator. The two improved the Texans' defensive each year they were there together. Grantham has installed a shutdown defense at Georgia that is consistently rushing the passer and forcing turnovers. He seems like a random pick, but the connection with Fangio make it a possibility (and he'd be a solid choice).

Offensive Coordinator:

Jerald Ingram

Running Backs Coach, New York Giants


This is borrowed from CardiacCats' mock draft. I really like the idea of bringing him in as offensive coordinator and his ties with Marc Ross might be enough to lure him. Jonathan Stewart would be perfect in his system, taking a lot of pressure of off Cam's shoulders.

Offseason Moves:

Trade Deangelo Williams - I think we could get a 3rd round pick for him. I see a team that made the playoffs getting desperate and making a "win-now" decision in the offseason.

Restructure Jon Beason - There's no doubt Beason wants to stay here in Carolina. He will take a page out of his buddy Thomas Davis' book and work a new deal in order to help his squad out.

Release Jordan Gross - This is will be a tough move but Jordan is aging and he performance shows. He's still a quality player, but we could use the money elsewhere.

NFL Draft:

I'm guessing we will finish 5-11 and pick 6th overall.

Round 1:

Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M


Jordan Gross will need a replacement. This is the guy for the job.

Round 2:

Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State


Captain Munnerlyn will leave as a free agent, Josh Norman hasn't convinced us he's a future #1 corner, and Chris Gamble is starting to age. Xavier Rhodes is a beast and probably won't slip this far but it'd be a great addition.

Round 3 (we trade our 4th this year and 3rd next to move up):

Da'Rick Rodgers, WR, Tennessee Tech


We always move up in the draft and I think we do it in order to get a big receiver. His character issues will take him from a late first/early second to an early third, where we will hopefully grab him. Unbelievable talent, just needs to mature as a person.

Round 3 (Williams pick):

Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia


This is a position we have to address. Jarius Byrd is not coming here and we can't afford anyone else in FA at this position. Rambo is an electrify player who'd be coming in to play with his college defensive coordinator.

Round 5:

Josh Boyd, DT, Mississippi State


Big boy.

Round 6:

Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA


This guy is huge (6' 7") and can catch. Get him.

Round 7:

Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State


He kicks the ball.

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if we hire a guy to coach 3-4 then we're gonna need to draft 3-4 pieces.

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I don't see much of this draft happening. Joeckel will most likely be gone at the number 3 overall, if not number 2. Xavier Rhodes will most likely go in the first round. I consider him to be the number two corner in the draft. As someone else said, we won't get a third for D-Will. We won't even get a seventh for him for two reasons. One, he is old for a running back. (And this season doesn't help any) Two, his contract. I also don't like trading next year's draft picks for a guy who has red flags in Da'Rick Rodgers. Last but not least, Joseph Fauria will be gone by the third round. I don't want to be drag, but I just see too much wrong in this draft.

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I can dig this offseason. Not my first choices in the coaching selections or the first round pick, but I'd be satisfied with yours. I also don't think we'll get a 3rd for Deangelo. 4th maybe at best. More likely a 5th with the possibility of it becoming a 4th or even 3rd if achievements are met (4th if he goes over 1k yards, 3rd if he's in the Pro Bowl maybe).

I also think Joeckel might be gone before we pick, but if he's there I wouldn't mind the pick (though I'd prefer Star or Hankins.)

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I like Joeckel in the first over star because I really think a d lineman can be found in free agency. Look up Alan branch in Seattle. He has similar numbers to Ron Edwards and is only 27. Plus DTs are the highest bust rate and Joeckel is close to a sure thing

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I like this draft but I hate it when fans go out of their minds and start mocking new coaching staffs. There's no way you're gonna hit on it. But I love Vic Fangio. I really hope that our next HC will be either Fangio or Roman.

I love Joeckel, love Rhodes, Love Rogers (but not sure he'll be in the 3rd), love Rambo, loves Boyd, Fauria and Hopkins all in the late rounds. Great mock overall!

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Question 1: What did the Bears give up for Brandon Marshall?

Question 2: Is he more valuable than Williams?

Question 3: Do you still think we can get a 3rd round draft pick for him?

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