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For the Sake of the Franchise

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I just want to lose from here on out.

Why don't we go a step further ... why don't we just officially forfeit all of our remaining games. We'd save money and tank the season, and we'd save any chance of any players we like (and want to return) from getting injured.

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I believe the Jags will win a couple of more games, just by looking at their play recently. Chad Henne has fired up that team. The Chiefs I believe will win a couple of games as well, they played Peyton hard at home. I believe they will beat us, and beat at least one more team. The Eagles should win at least one more game. If we lose out, I'm 100% positive we will have the first pick. The percentages are highly in our favor concerning that.

The Chiefs have won 1 game out of 11. For you to say the percentages are high that they win 2 out of the next 5 is beyond retarded. And the Eagles play the Cowboys, Bucs, Bengals, Redskins, and Giants. They aren't winning another game with the QB play they have.

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I know it's the internet and all, but you really couldn't pick up on the sarcasm in my post?

My bad. After all the retarded post on here, hard to tell when people aren't being serious.

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