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Cam newton needs to grow up

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The OP and Doc Holiday pretty much validate what I said on this board for 5 years. If we brought in an african american QB, how much glory he receives would be a constant issue. The need to "diagnose" or take a paternalistic stance towards his character/maturity/mental makeup would be an "entitlement" that those fans cling to. And the fact his heritage makes them feel they arent apart of his success. We see these sentiments constantly. It just highlights how far this fanbase and people who follow the Panthers have to go.

Our QB just had a great game on Monday Night Football and some of us are spending the week attempting to downplay it and point out a "flaw" in his character.

KT bringing race into it again...

Even I have no problem with him celebrating when we are winning such as monday night..Cam has been making strides in recent weeks the dude just needs to STFU.

The OP is trying to stir up a dead horse, we need to ignore him and not give him the attention he wants.

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7-23 wasnt close?? It was a 2 possession game, it wasnt over. If that isnt close i want to know what you consider all the "close" games we have LOST in the past 2 years when we were leading.

the Panthers were down 23-0 before they scored, lets not try and make it prettier then it was, go look up NFL comebacks and the amount of Comebacks once a team is down 20+ points, there have been 21 ever in the history of the NFL and that's including pre-merger, and we were down 23-0 playing the Defending Super Bowl champs.

We were so in that game. Not.

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I'm a proud member of the CDF

We vow to fight off all troll forces in the name of our franchise savior known as Cam


I will gladly go into battle with you

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I'm pretty sure smith fell down on the play. Not a great read, but it was only a pick bc Steve

the one I'm talking about was to LaFell I believe, Cam tried to escape the pass rush and was about to get sacked(not his fault lousy oline) but instead of taking the sack or passing out of bounds he passes at LaFell and turns into a pick 6, he really should have just ate the sack on that play. That's the play I'm talking about.

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