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Panthers use Facebook page to allow fans to vote on coin toss

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they should randomly select someone who likes their page to be the coach for sunday's game. We'd either see no difference or improvement.

Pretty sure u'd see a huge play calling improvement.

random facebook fan: "uhhh. run it?"

fan: "uhhh... maybe a pass? maybe a run? idk one of those"

fan: "one of those fake handoff doohickies"

fan: "run it?"

TADA! We'd be running a pro style offense!

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i believe fowler said the odds of getting the coin toss wrong 12 straight games is like 1 in 3000.

with those odds, the team is having with the coin toss, the organization should have bought a lottery ticket and distributed the winnings amongst the fans for the past 15 or so years of mediocrity.

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