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RG3/Luck vs Cam.... huh?

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I don't even bother watching ESPN, NFLN, etc anymore. They all drool over RG3 as the second coming & rave about Luck, pretty much 24/7. Every now & then they talk about Cam, just long enough to take a stab at him.

Outside of Carolina I don't watch much football, couldn't care less about other teams. But I just checked out their stats out of curiousity & I am confused. With just 5 games remaining neither Luck nor RG3 have anywhere near the numbers Cam put up last season.

What's even more funny is how everyone is picking WAS to win the East. There was even an article on ESPN picking them to make the Super Bowl. They play the NYG & then Baltimore, two teams who will destroy them. I can see RG3 really struggling vs those two teams.

Cam Newton:

60% completion 4,000yd 21TD 17INT 700yd rush 14TD rush 5 fumbles 85 QB rating


67% completion 2,400yd 16TD 4INT 600yd rush 6TD rush 2 fumbles 104 QB rating

Andrew Luck:

56% completion 3,200yd 13TD 13INT 200yd rush 5TD rush 8 fumbles 76 QB Rating

And Cam did this with a 2-14 team, new staff, & 0 offseason. Literally had 2 weeks of practice then started playing games. He also turned the worst offense in the NFL into a top 5 unit.

So basically Andrew Luck is gonna pass for a few more yards & RG3 will rush for a few more yards? Captain checkdown will also have a higher, inflated, % & rating. Neither will touch his total yards or TDs. Neither will lead their teams to the playoffs. Neither will finish above .500. They all 3 are having great rookie seasons. I just don't get how they are so much better.

Andrew Luck will be a good QB but he isn't the Elway/Manning hybrid they've hyped. Defenses will shut down RG¾'s gimmick screen pass/option offense. He is also gonna be injury prone, he is too small to be running around.

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As much as I love Cam and his rookie season and I agree with you about Bob Griffin the 3rd being Mr. Checkdown... I'm not gonna let my homer get the best of me... I think BG3, without a doubt, is having the best rookie QB season of all time.

Damn, I feel dirty for saying that.

Anyways... I'd still rather have Cam.

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I don't get how RG3 has such amazing numbers. Whenever I watch him I am not impressed. I would take Luck and Cam both over him based on what I've seen. But then I check box scores for games I don't watch and he has crazy numbers.

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So what.... all players/Teams don't get equal media coverage... It's all about ratings and what the nation cares about... As well as Andy Dalton and AJ Green has been playing you hear almost zero about them... But you hear a lot about Ryan and Julio Jones...

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