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Ok So.....

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I'm gonna treat it like any other game. Unfortunately, thats all the announcers will be talking about. I remember that game Favre played in a few days after his Dad died. By listening to the announcers, you woulda thought he just cured Cancer - yammering on and on about what an unbelievable and courageous warrior he was, when in reality - he was just doing his job.

Try playing the Jovan Belcher drinking game tomorrow. Everytime an announcer says his name, the word "tragedy", or "prayers". - Take a drink. You''d pass out by the end of the 1st.

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I mean its not that a murder just killed himself. ill be happy and cheer if we score, but it just makes me really sad thinking about the repercussions for the chiefs players. some were probably really close to this guy. best friends even, and he kills himsle fright in front of your coach? man.. that locker room must be terrible. i couldnt imagine playing a game the day after one of my teamates popped himself.. right there..

its just very sad the whole situation and all. one of my close friends killed himself when i was young. i couldnt fuction for a good while. could i be able to play a ball game the day afetr? hell no. and thats when my friend had nothing to do with football. that whole locker room org is just in shock. plus football is such a physicle demanding sport where you feel like your going into battle. the guys i played with in highschool literally feel like my brothers... idk.. rambling.. but again this is much more than some selfish dude. its not really about poor HIM..

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Guest Hornets 2.0

I hope we beat the living shït out of them. 45-6 sounds like a good score, IMO.

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