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Homeless man's boot's gone already, man wants "piece of the pie"

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You people seriously have me laughing out loud. Homeless people are 98 percent drug addicts.

It's only the liberal " fair share" people that dispute this fact.

"Homeless man quote"... I don't even need to post it....it was about gas. Living in W Asheville I know it's a lie. Tell me the truth and I will give you 3 dollars.

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Your big fat stinkin' mammy and all the corns on her feet, too!

Is it realistic that all these guys talking poo about their moms have "mommy problems"? Kinda like liberals? Liberals all hate their mommies and despise their daddies because daddy whipped his fuging ass? With no avail?

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according to the story he is a vet. interesting that in a culture of hysterical hyper-celebration of the military, all you have to do is be homeless and your vet status flies right out the fugin window

Good lord. Coming from the most anti American poster in the universe. Here is something I want you to try Philly. Give a homeless person 2 bucks. Sit in your car and wait on them to come out. See what they have in hand when they come out. Bet you won't try it.

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