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Wisconsin Bielema to head up Arkansas

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arkansas has a much higher ceiling than wisconsin

ambitious coaches want to be with the best, going to the SEC is always an upward move unless you are coming from the NFL

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    • Man, that is scary as poo! If they are dumb, and post it on their social media accounts, a bunch of them.  Most kids aren't very smart about how the world works at their age, and they will get scared.  There will be a few hold outs who don't "snitch," but more of those kids will want to cut a deal to stay out of jail. What sucks is that there's very little that can be done to intelligently solve the problem.  Sure, the John Wayne types will say "try me, punk" as they pull out their guns.  Others will blame the families and communities (which do have a significant share of the blame).  While others still will blame the greater culture and society at large.  What leads kids to this?  Is it media?  Poverty?  Boredom?  Easy money?  Internet fame? In my time, I knew a fair number of teenage felons.  A few opened up to me about why they took to crime was that they didn't see any other option.  Who either fails to show the kids that there is an opportunity beyond crime or offers them that chance?  I will say, when you start to dig into the mind set of a person in poverty (white, black, everything else), you see a lot of causes that are the same.  
    • Where's that glorious breakdown thread you promised the huddle 2 years in a row now?  I've been dying to read your uneducated breakdown for awhile now.