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Sean Payton's Vicodin

Your playoff predictions

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Expect this post to be bumped and laughed at in about 3-4 weeks

Fair enough, I'll also add if I'm right that post will be completely ignored.

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1. Atlanta

2. Green Bay

3. San Fran

4. Dallas

5. Seattle

6. Chicago

1. Houston

2. New England

3. Denver

4. Cincinatti

5. Indy

6. Baltimore

Wild Card Weekend:

Baltimore at Denver: Denver Wins

Indy at Cincy: Cincy Wins

Chicago at San Fran: San Fran Wins

Seattle at Dallas: Seattle Wins

Divisional Weekend:

Denver at New Englad: Denver Wins

Cincy at Houston: Houston Wins

San Fran at Green Bay: Green Bay Wins

Seattle at Atlanta: Atlanta Wins

Conf Championship:

Denver at Houston: Denver Wins

Green Bay at Atlanta: Atlanta Wins

Super Bowl:

Denver over Atlanta.

Hate picking Atlanta to go to the superbowl, but I do believe they will win in the post season this year. I hope i'm wrong.

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