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Help me pick a cell phone...

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Long story short... I've been able to get a new phone for a couple years now, and just haven't...

Now I'm in the market and am looking at the holiday sales out there.

We're with Verizon and that's who I'll stick with.

Currently, they have:

iPhone 5 - $199 +2 yr deal

iPhone 4 - Free +2 yr deal

Droid Razr - BOGO (the freebie is a "cranberry" one) and I think both have to have 2 yr deals

Should I even look at anything else?

I like the Android OS... but iPhone is highest rated everything everywhere...

The Razr BOGO would only be an option if they allow my wife to start hers now instead of February (when she'd be able to get a new phone)...

What say ye, Huddle minds?

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I recently got the Droiz Razr Maxx...love it so far.

I wanted an iPhone though (but they were out)...can't go wrong with either IMO.

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Mom got the free iphone 4 deal ..she brings it to me all the time because she can't figure it out.. I hate that fuging thing. Literally everything you try to do on it is ass backwards from every phone you've ever had. That and it's almost impossible to interact with other phones because it just HAS to have everything in apples preferred format. Apple is too full of themselves with that bs I shouldn't have to practically learn a new language just to use a damn phone.

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