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Help me pick a cell phone...

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iphone is superior to any droid by a mile.

bait is set, goes to hide in some bushes....

You got that right. . Back in 2010!!

Anyhoot.. iphones are simple and lock down. Android phones are open and have tons of options. I have the Note 2.. badass phone btw.. its big..but not that big

.. I wear skinnies and it fits (barely. .lol)!! Can't go wrong with both..

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The Lumia 920 is pretty incredible. I love it.

Read the industry reviews and then read customer reviews.

Pros: Nice sized screen, fast, never crashes, excellent battery life, excellent integration with social media, email, etc, & the best camera on the market (especially in low light conditions).

Cons: It's a little heavy.

another con is that pointy corners blister your hands. S3 is by far the best phone to come out

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The guy at the phone store today was really tryna sell me a razr m. It seems like a good phone but I'm just not sure. The 1st smart phone that I had was an iPhone 3G and I liked it ok, went through 2 screens (dust between glass) and the top button went out on the 1st one. Bought a second and my son still uses it for an iPod.

Now I have the iPhone 4 and have really no complaints. It bugs me that I can't add storage. Maybe just the usual complaints of being stuck with iTunes and the App Store.

I guess I really don't know enough about android to make an informed decision. I'd love to try a galaxy note 2 or a GS3 but don't want to spend the money on them. I can get the razr m for $50. After research tho, there's a razr HD and a razr max that look better than the micro, but for what those cost I could just get a damn iPhone 5.


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My Droid X has taken a beating over the past few years and it still works fine. Love android & Motorola and my next purchase will most likely be the Droid Razr Maxxx HD. NFL Mobile ftw!

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I've have own both Moto and Samsung products. Moto phones are built better as far as hardware is concern (except for cameras, they suck! My 2 cents). Moto is a lil late as far as being a top notch smart phone since the days of the original Droid (again, my opinion) with specs still in 2011, while others having quad core processors and 2g of ram (Not saying it's bad, just saying). I have own darn near most Droid brand phones from: DROID 2, Droid X, Droid X2, Droid Charge (POS), Droid Incredible 1, Droid Bionic (another POS), Droid Rarz, Droid Razr Maxx (getting repetitive), Droid DNA (awesome screen, but traded it back for the Note 2), and etc...) Keep in mind that the name "Droid" is a name or brand, which is exclusive only to Big Red (Verizon Wireless), some get confuse of the naming "Android and or Droid.' Android is the Operating System and DROID is a Verizon brand.

Now on to Samsung, Sammy did something right here. It's almost iphone like, they release their now famous brand "GALAXY S" to ONE a year. Meaning when you release one phone a year, you get a better overall smart phone, less bugs upon opening day. More R&D, exclusive to all carriers, a well known brand, and most importantly more support (future updates, development support and so on).

Now back to the Droid line, as stated earlier, I've own them all. With a new Droid coming out every week it seems. Some will get lack of support (Unless you have a Razr brand, Moto are keeping up with the jones on the software for the RAZR's, but crapping on other non-Razr brand), because Moto/Verizon is spitting them out more than we can chew them up. They are good phones and you can get them for cheap, but most are DOA.

Samsung is a big player in the smart phone market, I've always been a Moto guy. But now the times have change, I went half way typing this on my Note 2. But got to lengthly and had to fire up the Mac. You can't go wrong with the two, there's pro's and con's for both. But my opinion is obvious, I chose Samsung. They are awesome, loving the Note 2 btw way!!! Can't praise it enough to what Samsung has done.

Okay, sorry for the long and boring essay! Now let's kick some Chargers butt!

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