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Disciplining Adults

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When disciplining other adults, I prefer to use high quality, 100% leather gear. Some of my favorites are:

The Viper's Tongue:


The Slapper:


The Flogger:


And of course a riding crop:


These four tools are fundamental, I believe, in the proper disciplining of an adult. Everything else is just a variation of basic premise of these four items.

Split canes, and things of that nature, are nice as well.

Sometimes, when the adult has been really bad, I may employ mouth spreaders:


Ball gags are usually standard fare when disciplining an adult, but it is important to get one that cannot be chewed up.

I prefer this variety:


Nipple clamps are also useful in the disciplining of adults as well as restraints, electroshock equipment, and blindfolds.

How do you like to discipline adults? What are your experiences doing so?

Do you think it is right or wrong to physically discipline other adults?

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