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Question for the Fellas...

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saw this and immediately thought of this thread....

Every guy can relate to this


I was just talking to my friend the other day about this... That red portion was about 90% of that pie as a teenager, then, the older you get it shifts to this, lol.

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Additionally, I'd like to add that if you can find it LiaG, look up an article entitled "The Porn Identity." It was in Men's Health last month I believe. It covers the subject from all aspects and I think it is extremely informative for men and women alike. It pretty much says men and women view porn differently. Men are visually stimulated creatures, much moreso than women, whereas women, IIRC, are much more "intimate." So often times for women who don't look at porn, they feel like men aren't interested in them or that "cheating" feeling if the man is looking at it on their own. Furthermore, the article stated that men are fulfilling a physiological need by looking at porn because naturally we're driven to "procreate."

In that drive to procreate, it referenced how throughout history both men and women sought out the most healthy looking mates to ensure survival and legacy (through children). For men, part of that "healthiness" we're looking for is big busts and curves in the right places, whether it's realistic or not. So, the article said the quick access to it on the internet makes it an easy simulation of procreating with as many women as possible without actually doing it. But again, men don't attach love or intimacy with it, whereas often women do.

The article was written by a woman by the way... It said it only becomes a problem if the man uses porn to replace meaningful interaction and relationships with actual women and additionally, it gave tips on giving up porn if you sense it is a problem.

In this case, I assume he didn't feel like dealing with the expectations or letdown of either being rebuffed trying to wake her up or getting sloppy, sleepy, "I'll just lay here" sex if she did let him have it. If they have an otherwise healthy relationship, I don't think it would be a problem... I think he didn't feel like waking her up.

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I would just tell her to have a grown up discussion with him.

" I know what you are doing, and it makes me feel a bit insecure. Maybe let's both try to start handling our business more often instead of letting life get in the way"

She has to be ready to walk the walk though.

Many women find it tough to ask their man for loving for some reason....almost like womenz always want the man coming onto them.

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I was having a conversation with my neighbor friend and we got on the subject of how her husband had been jerking of to porn while she was sleeping in the next room. She was upset because "why would he want to jerk off to that when he could have the real thing in the bedroom".

I told her I didn't care if my hubby watched porn, I have watched it with him. It makes for some pretty exciting bedroom time. I've not ever has the issue she was talking about. I'm not a prude and I don't look down on porn and masterbation, but I have to say I would be a little hurt if I knew he was doing it while I was there.

So I was wondering if you fellas have done this with your SO in the next room and whether or not you feel like its wrong or right. Opinions?

so, what's site was Dan on when you caught him?

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