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This team has to many punkass bigmen!

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It's crazy that the toughest players on this team is the Guards and wing players.

Hell the only inside player with balls is 20 years old and only started playing ball 3 years ago.

This season will always be a 3 parade for what ever team we play because we have to double team so much in the post.

This offseason needs to be about BIGS and BIGS only.

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Mullens is straight up horse poo. Can't believe they went to him out of that TO in the end of the game. He can start out the game hot but he always chokes when in it matters. He should not be in the game in those situations. Should have had Taylor or MKG in.

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This is why I'm convinced Dunlap has started throwing games... How many times is that now that he's drawn up a play for BJ on a game-tying/game-winning shot or clutch situation in general.

Look, I understand BJ can present matchup problems - he's tall, athletic, has a nice shooting stroke and eventually, I expect the shots to start falling for him... But, that time isn't now. Let him work his way to that. He isn't Dirk Nowitzki yet, let it go for the time being.

With how Kemba has been playing, and was playing tonight, why did he not have the ball? Why wasn't he bringing it up... That's when he is at his best.

I just don't get it.

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