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Article Saying Interception free Cam can Lead to Win

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If Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning or Drew Brees lost every single game they had a turnover in they would have sub .500 records. This isn't a Cam problem, it's a team needing him to be perfect to even compete problem.

By the way, Cam now has a career INT % below the league average of 3%. Last year it was 4.5% He is now at 2.9%, and Peyton Manning's career INT % is 2.7%.

Cam's INT % for this year is 2.3% and when we all remember his rough start to the year that really is shocking.

And the crazy thing is Cam's YPA is still 2nd in the NFL at 8.16. Now THAT's impressive.

I'm bored... where's PFFL when you need him?

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