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Game 26: Charlotte Bobcats (7-18) @ Golden State Warriors (17-9)

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Very random observation - It seems in the nba players on most teams are tatted up.... but on these 2 teams I don't really notice any.

A lot of young high class guys here

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having a tattoo doesn't automatically mean you have no class...

Look, these are great kids who has dads who used to play in the NBA (Curry, Hendo, Thompson). And kids who came from great schools (Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Connecticut, MSU, Davidson, etc). These kids has high education within themselves.

When you look at players like Lebron and Carmelo, they' were kids who came straight out of high school or came from academy like Oak Hill. Always had the big time image growing up.

Go do a little background research and you'll find the result. These are not kids who came out with fros or long braided/dreads. I hate to sound like I'm being racist but these are not kids who you view as "thugs".

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