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Marc Ross as GM leads to interesting coaching decisions

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[NOTE: This is not a list of guys I would like to see as coach. This is a list that comes from Marc Ross' background, or guys he has had experience with and/or links to.]

With the recent reports of Marc Ross leading the GM candidacy (which is something I believe all Panthers' fans are happy about), it brings up the question what that does for the coaching search. Let's look a couple scenarios:

There's the obvious two. The first being that Ron Rivera stays depending on how he finishes the season. I think this is possible, unless we lose to either the Raiders or the Saints. Finishing 6-10 (or worse) spells the end for Rivera.

The second is that Perry Fewell, a hometown guy, becomes the candidate after spending the last couple of seasons as the Giants' DC. However, Fewell has already interviewed, and I don't really believe he has the attitude that Richardson is looking for in a HC.

Then there's the wildcard options. How about Andy Reid? Marc Ross spent a lot of time with the Eagles' organization, drafting players like Brian Westbrook. I don't think that Andy Reid fits Cam (or vice versa) but I think that Andy Reid could help our team win immediately, as long as he has a GM in place to keep him on track.

How about Tom Clements? Yes, the Green Bay Packers awesome OC. Tom Clements was the OC during the years that Marc Ross was the scout for the Buffalo Bills. Clements name has come up multiple times as a HC candidate, and this could be the best time for him to get his chance. With a QB like Cam (who could end up better than Aaron Rodgers), Clements could have our offense looking incredible.

Of course, there are the college coaches as well. Marc Ross was a national college scout and the head of scouting for many years. His ties to college football are more than obvious. Chip Kelly has been the hot name, but I really don't think he's going to leave Oregon. I think these rumors of him to the NFL are fabricated to help him up his salary.

Nick Saban becomes an interesting name if he wins the National Championship. A guy that's reportedly wanted to win at the NFL level, and reportedly wants a team with a high-caliber QB.

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I'm not saying yes to Saban, I'm just saying that these are pretty obvious coaches considering Ross' background.

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Although it should be noted chip Kelly and belichick are very close, and brady is basically running the Oregon offense this year. They're just substituting the qb runs with bubble screens or whatever have you.

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If Rivera is fired, other than Chip Kelly, I don't really like those names for the Panthers. There'll be lots of interviews though, so who knows who might pop up.

My favs for GM are Ross or Gamble. Really hope we get one or the other.

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