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Gameday Thread: Raiders @ Panthers...

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Why can't Cam be like all the other QBs in the NFL when the Refs are wrong?

Why is he being treated differently?

You folks always on this kid's dick for the things you allow the other players to get away with.

I can bet you if it was Stevie who did it, you'd be praising him. So obvious in your own hypocrisy.

Cam is like a fugging robot to some of you folks. He shows any emotions and he's pushed back into the silly media stereotyping of black players that clearly many of u seem to buy into.

It only sucked because it drew a flag. If you're looking for a hater look no further than the pussy ass ref. I thought it was hilarious

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I get hes trying to protect himself some but I hate that damn diving on the ground 2 yards before contact thing Cam does he could still advance the ball a little more and put himself in a position to lessen the blow.

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