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Why does Cam have so many haters?

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Cam = starting QB of an NFL Franchise

Cam = emerging sex symbol for the next generation

Cam = next evolution of QB in the NFL

Cam = successful young man with lots of money

Yep, can't figure out why anyone outside of the Carolina's hates this guy. I thought this was understood but ill say it anyway....


Damn just reading that makes me jealous.Cam has it all and the looks play a major part of the haters.

I was flipping the channel and some guy was filling in for Colin Cowherd on the Herd and he went full hater on Cam.Dude said Cam has a bad attitude and he wonders why his kick against the Raiders wasn't recieving a lot of attention by the NFL,and then went on to say the only reason Cam is playing better now is because the pressure is off and the other teams don't care about late season games.He said Cam needs to grow up and stop acting like a child.

I couldn't do nothing but lol at that clown @$$ duck.

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fjblair    199

Great idea for a thread topic! OP must have spend days pondering this original and insightful thread.

There is a santa claus after all.

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Lumps    1,678

The media will feed off any losing team with a QB who was as talented as Cam coming out.

Some people here feel there is some sort of conspiracy or racist objectives. I think these people are dumb. I don't doubt the possability but I don't see something like that being a prevelent reason for the critique of Cam. I think the wins are what matter most, when The Golden Calf of Bristol was winning but sucking he still got slobbed on. I think the people who feed the drama are only the poeple that give people attention, so it's the poeple sucking up all the bad infor, giving it attentions and then complaining about the attention is bad for Cam. No one else cares.

I think even if Cam sucks if he finds ways to win he'll be praised. But I don't think everyone is out to get Cam to fill some need to feel like I am special for being a Cam/Panther fans or settle any insecurities. I think Cam is completmented quite a bit fo not winning anything.

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TheRed    18,245

lol so many haters for you just stating a fact lol

He is a Falcons troll.

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jarhead    1,032

Do not worry about it. Cams a big boy and brings some of it on himself. He will be fine

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