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Madden 13/EA Gameface question

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Has anyone ever attempted to take a picture of a actual coach (I.e. Chip Kelly) and put it on gameface?

Just curious

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Not particularly, but I have noticed that when you upload the picture to EA's servers online (from pc) it looks pretty realistic and a close match. But, when you import it into madden, it looks like poo. Just fyi if you have never tried it before.

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    • My understanding is that you are supposed to report major changes to your income ( that you used to determine your subsidy ) to health over the course of the year,  so that the subsidy you recieve is in line with your income.  If you don't then yes  - you will be penalized at years end but you will not be paying any extra, only what you should have with the extra income.  In other words they don't fine/penalize you.
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