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Panthers Vs. Saints (the end)

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The last game of the year is finally here. The last gameday thread for 8 more months. During which months, the huddlers' severe starvation for the game starts to set in and the huddle will go through yet again another rebirth. Threads of crazy Madden trades, theoritical threads pulling HOFs out of retirement to argumentitive draft threads that go on 15+ pages. The peak month I call April, be prepared for a lack of mods, spam threads and trolls galore. In this time expect the extreme conspiracists to come out will the real crzy poo and roumors start here. If the bordem wont drive you insane the huddlers left will. Then and the end of the tunnel, practice starts in 2013.

But for today enjoy the last game of the season, the last game of football you will see from your beloved Panthers for the next 8 months.

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Looking forward to Rivera news. The Huddle will implode no matter what his fate is.

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