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Post your reaction to to the Edwards getting run out by the punter.

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What was the most funny was the punter didn't even have a good angle and just got him that way, he actually chased him down from behind, having to slow down, change direction and accelerate again all after Armanti already was at full speed. Hilarious.

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If Armanti can't maintain top speed for 30 yards after sitting on the bench for 95% of the game (no reason to be tired), he has no business in any professional sport except maybe golf or bowling. And it's not like the punter cut him off with an angle, he chased him down from behind, at a slight angle. The punter was running faster than him. If he had been directly behind Armanti it might have taken a couple more yards to catch him. If that isn't a spectacle, I don't know what is.

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