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So let me get this straight...

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If by fabricated hoax, you mean sensationalized with the help of ben bernanke, then sure.

If you mean something like an illuminati distraction away from the truth, then please go on.

Haha...I mean it in the sense that the bankers/gov't pretends like there is this shortage and/or limited amount of money/wealth, so that they can have the excuse to drain us all through taxation and other methods while wiping out the middle class and accruing all the wealth of the world for themselves. The reality of the situation on the other hand, in my opinion, is that there is more than enough to go around for everyone and everything. As I've mentioned in other topics, apparently there is some $11 million-trillion in gold that the Fed and Bank of International Settlements has off the books that they had stolen from Asia over the century during WWI and WWII. However it appears the Dragon family is about to reacquire their gold, with the help of one Neil Keenan, which will be used in the different prosperity packages that are said to be released to the planet soon. Just my .02 though :)

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Hurry, Hurry. We have to pass it now, read it later to see what's in it!!!!

What a bunch of bafoons in DC, both sides, liars, cheats, morons, idiots.

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