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LeBron James doesn't get it

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And truth be told he never really has.

His recent statements prove that he is a guy that does not and never has gotten it.

He actually said that he will win 7+ championships with the Heat

He has been in the league for 10 years and only has 1 championship so far. He left Cleveland and calls fans "spoiled" for expecting him to play well. He also said that he feels sorry for himself.

He rode Wade's and Bosh's coattails to one title, and personally lost them a chance to win in 2010-2011, pouted through a playoff game by refusing to shoot the ball in the 4th qtr of every game.

You can put all the all-stars you want around LeBron James (and you have to have all-stars around him to make up for his play *see 2010-2011) but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. They won't touch the ball a lot until the 4th qtr when LeBron starts playing hot potato.

Ball movement ends when the ball gets to LeBron (having the 5th highest career usage rate in the history of the NBA). That is why the Lakers are second in scoring but 19th in assists (EDIT: nvm, they didn't have Steve Nash all year). Despite having one of the best passers in NBA history on their team (see previous edit). It makes no sense to have 3 current or former all-stars on your team, and yet one player is shooting the ball around 30 times a game (see Cleveland in 2009-2010).

LeBron is still one of the best players in the NBA, and he is one of the top 20 players of all-time at worst, so to call him overrated is a little far fetched.

But in a historical context I just don't see him as a top ten player all-time. I see a guy that is about one thing and one thing only, LeBron James. To, at times, the detriment of his teams.

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    • With all respect, the issue with your premise, Nanuq, is an assumption on your part.  I'm not of the mindset that "Hillary managed to lose." Once you've committed to that belief, there are few avenues to explore with respect to the future of the party. While there were definite missteps and poor decisions her campaign took along the way, there were also a few outside factors at play which helped sabotage the election. Look, the DNC has to answer some difficult questions and they also have to decide how they're going to approach 2018 and 2020. Tom Perez, although I liked the guy in the Obama administration, I don't care for his role in the DNC and I'd prefer him as a sort of interim guy until they party charts its course. Ease up, Nanuq. They'll come around. Trump is gonna Trump and the DNC already has enough ammunition to get them through the next 6 election cycles.... provided they use it wisely.
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