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With Rivera staying do we bring in Norv?

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Growl    7,743

Nobody wants to work under Jerry Jones..... He's a control freak.

and what exactly is Richardson

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CRA    12,270

I think Chud can be fine if he limits the read option and focuses slightly more on running in key situations (red zone anybody)?

Chud's issues are more than just overusing the read option early this year.....

He too often doesn't understand when to run vs pass. He was bad in that department the first half of both his seasons here. After 2011 was done people completely forgot how questionable he was early in 2011.

Kyle Shanahan sucks.....give him RGIII and suddenly he is a "mad scientist". We can do better than Chud IMO. Most OCs if given Cam are going to appear like "mad scientist" who suddenly are shockingly creative. Chud's 4 yr history as a OC IMO isn't impressive.....very inconsistent IMO.

issue with replacing Chud is I bet Rivera is now handicapped on bringing in a new coordinator like Fox got. Fox was on thin ice late and couldn't get the guys he might of wanted....they wanted better long term deals.

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CRA    12,270

Is there a coack salary cap? Why the hell are we worried about coaches salaries??

Bc JR's pie chart still exists.

There were stories of how Fox was limited late on coordinators bc since he was on thin ice new coaches were asked to sign one year deals

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