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RIP Jeff Lewis

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Was only a Panther a short time but I remember him

Too young, have to wonder what happened?

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    • I was watching the Daily Show from last night for a few minutes, and they played the part where the lady in the red dress was asking Paul Ryan to step down.  What got me was how she was excusing Trump for not knowing how to be a politician, and how Ryan and other congressional republicans had led him astray.   They made the point that it sounded a lot like a mom who was making excuses why her son was failing school...   All I got to say is a big old WTF is going on?  You run for President, you have to be prepared to actually BE president, which Trump was not.  The poo show we're seeing is simply a result of people being angry and voting emotionally (during the primaries) for the "other guy" because they thought it couldn't get much worse (due to the Fox News/Obama = the End of the World nonsense).  Welp...
    • Yeah if Hillary got elected and took credit, not a single left wing kook on this site would start a thread calling her out on it.  Yet more proof you are a bunch of morons.