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King Taharqa

Game 24: Pistons vs. Bobcats

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This will be Allen Iverson's first visit to the Carolinas as a Piston. And tonight we also will get to see our first glimpse of our 4 new players. Singletary, Howard, Bell & Diaw. GO BOBCATS!!!

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See...this is why the Bobcats only sell as many tickets as a J.V. High Basketball team. Maybe the efforts there...but the W's just never are and never have been. I like this team and I really want them to succeed but I don't know what they need to do to get them on the right track...

It seems like we need about 4 or 5 more years....b/ they just can't afford that kind of time.

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Me and Pantherzfan1 went to this game. It was rough at first, people left after 3rd quarter. We came back big, but Detroit had their starters on the bench by then though. Crowd got into it late when the come back started coming. Wallace got us points and then we took him out? Didn't understand that. Frenchie came in and did decent in defense.

It's sad, there were as many Detroit fans as Bobcats fans there, that has to change.

We need to come out and take leads instead of chasing them, it hurts us big time.

Some bad ref calls too, Iverson gets so many fouls called against him, it's sad.

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