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SZ James (banned)

Have you ever changed your position on a major issue?


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Cat    3,838

Use to be a evangelical conservative, now im an left leaning agnostic. Teenage me would hate me.

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YourMomsLover    1,077

I grew up a card carrying republican through high school. Like a (not so) miniature Rush Limbaugh....

So pretty much anything

So big mighty man. What changed you?

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cookinwithgas    7,569

Just a few weeks ago I was pretty ambivalent on the gun issue until people started posting the most misinformed, stupid rationalizations about how their gun hobby was secretly their plan to defend liberty or whatever. Now I'm pretty convinced this crap needs to be tempered down a bit..

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PhillyB    40,684

well lets see.

- grew up in an arch-conservative religious fundamentalist southern baptist family that said stuff like "the gays should be dragged into the streets and shot" and "all democrats are traitors and should be executed as enemies of the state"

- hit high school as a hyper-nationalist convinced that all other countries suck and america is the best

- believed interracial marriage was wrong because the bible says stuff about being unequally yoked and i was pissed that my sister was dating one of them there mexicans

- went into community college convinced i was going to expose the ultra-liberal ivory tower education DEMONcrats that are poisoning the waters of the education systems and kept a logbook to note the number of times the teacher mentioned communism in a positive way (in my sociology class lol)

- joined the marine corps officer program and went to quanitco, va for USMC office candidate school and passed ready to go out and kill some of them there a-rabs

- joined college republicans and became a core member and wrote blogs for the school using terminology like "towelheads" to describe terrorists

- convinced myself i was going to write a book on intelligent design as it relates to christian apologetics and proving evolution to be a fraud

then i started reading actual books and talking to actual people and traveling around the world exposing myself to new thoughts and new ideas and i've basically become pretty centrist in the process. i've lost a lot of friends along the way because i explore these sorts of topics openly now on platforms like facebook to compare and contrast various modes of thinking from various viewpoints and belief systems, but my openness to doing so on there as well as on here has led to understanding more fully the nuances of issues as presented by all sides of those issues (which often leads to a sort of paralysis where i don't know which way to go, but that's better than being ignorantly indignant, i suppose.)

so yeah i've changed quite a bit

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NanuqoftheNorth    7,921

Like some on here it took a prolonged exposure to different cultures and different ways of thinking. That didn't happen very often until I got out of the little hamlet of Charlotte and saw the world. Went from a card carrying "Reagan Republican" to a "Clinton Democrat" to "Obama is too conservative". Originally thought prudes like Santorum were the answer, now it is clear to me they are part of the problem.

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stirs    6,538

Instead of the major issue debate the OP mentions, it seems the thread is one of liberal enlightenment.

"Here is how I "came out" of the evil conservative camp seems to be the theme. So I have a couple points.

First, Philly B.

It looks like early in life, you could not think for yourself at all. You were like many people, me included, who grow up believing whatever stupidity comes out of their families with no regrets. This happens on the left and right.

Instead of standing up to your family and saying "you are wrong in your assumptions of what the bible teaches and in fact going against everything the bible teaches", you abandoned the whole thing. I can see that as a viable out for the hypocrisy you grew up in.

Not sure why someone of your intelligence however, did not see that there are liberals and conservatives and then there are fringe kooks on both ends. Abandoning or joining either side based on a hatred of the kooks might not be the best approach or at least one that would seem more deliberate in nature.

Okay, now me. I have gone from hearing crap growing up from close and distant relatives about immigration, race, women issues that I first thought to be correct, but after trying to find its basis, decided they were ill conceived and incorrect.

But, I did not move from kook right to kook left. I moved to conservative middle.

I know that very few here have a belief in God, but this is where my examination started and I found a monstrous difference in the teachings of Jesus and that espoused by his so called followers.

Nobody should be dragged through the streets for anything

Dems and Repubs and America have nothing to do with Gods plan for mankind

Interracial marriage opposition is obviously another area where people try to enlist God to their side, but they are wrong and the bible says nothing about it. Unequally yoked is a spiritual issue.

Anyway, I think many here have a similar background having grown up in shallow, critical environments, but decided to jump ship, rather than right the ship.

I can also attest that I was more liberal leaning in my early years, but have back to a more conservative view because of the destructive nature of liberalism. I feel like politicians are using the "help people in need" moniker to help themselves to votes and power much more than helping people.

Conservative monikers are the same and have to be dealt with.

At the end of the day, the bible does not favor Dems or Pubs, but helping the widow and orphan, which are those who cannot help themselves. It also says, "if a man does not work, he does not eat" The value is on helping the helpless which I totally agree with. Fleshing this out in a political arena is where is gets goofy and ridiculous.

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TbTeRRoR    194

I grew up in a hardcore conservative family untill my early teens. (Big suprise huh) but I didn't like going and I didn't like preachers or being forced into this or that.


Started shifting my views and stopped going to church completely. Partied and did somethings I'm not proud of. Though I then found out I was depressed and things didn't really make me happy. I would be doing the things I wanted and loved to do but then I just got so depressed because I wasn't truly happy. Everything felt like a quick fix just to get me over till I found the next thing I wanted to do. A sad existence in my opinion.


Then at the age of 24 I realized the world outside of Christ held nothing I really needed. I went back to church, got married, had kids, found god, and made my declaration of faith. Much happier now though the world tries to push in on it all the time I still fight with a smile and a more that a little bit of sadness that we can't all find what we need. I still fight the needs and wants but I've got my god and he's never nor will not let me down.

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