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Who do you want as OC? (Poll)

Next Panthers OC  

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TheRed    18,220

Except Jackson has not shown any of these things. He did nothing for Campbell when his ancient offensive philosophy should have aided him greatly. Palmer improved once he left with McFadden wrestling injuries again all year.

Jackson hasnt been a great service to any QB he's been entrusted with. Instead, he elects to protect them from themselves by hiding them away and running the football. Palmer may have been average, but his skillset was a perfect fit for Oaklands offense. Jackson just plays old man football, and there isn't anything to suggest otherwise.

Could he adapt his philosophy? Sure. But theres nothing on his resume' to suggest he will.

Campbell is on his third team in seven years and has done exactly jack poo in the league. He looked terrible for the Bears in his recent playing time as well. I doubt there is anyone in the NFL who can do much for him.

Palmer eh, he supposedly improved but his team only won 4 games this year once Jackson left. Great for him?

Edit: Looks like it's all a moot point now. Or not..

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Icege    1,647

Though I'd prefer Shula to avoid any drastic changes to the offense, I've enjoyed the idea of Campbell coming here as a back-up to Cam. Jackson becoming the OC could increase the chances of that happening.

I also like the idea of potentially signing Chris Cooley as the #2 TE. He was drafted the year after Jackson left Washington, which makes me believe that Jackson being the OC wouldn't influence the signing.

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PFFC    212

I vote for Hue.

For some reason I feel he would install an agressive and somewhat nasty game plan.

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