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Mock OffSeason

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Coaching Changes:

Hue Jackson, OC: Has a great track record from being the rb's coach when stephen davis broke out to being the wr's coach when ochocinoco and houshmanzadeah broke out to become the best wr tandem in the nfl.. then In 2010, under Jackson’s guidance, the Raiders offense finished fourth in the AFC and sixth in the NFL in scoring (25.6 points per game) also finished fifth in the AFC and 10th in the NFL in total offense (354.6 yards per game) and second in the NFL and AFC in rushing (155.9 yards per game). Thats with jason cambell and bruce gradkowski at QB. He bring s power running game and a down field passing attack to Carolina.

Dave Toub, ST & AST HC: He's been the ST coach for the bears since 2006, theyve been in the top 5 in ST every year with him there. Hes interviewed to be a HC twice and is free to interview anywhere now because of the Bears firing Lovie Smith, would be a great guy to get in here to fix the special teams and he made hester, so maybe he could make joe adams into the return man he was in college.


Jimmy Clausen- Just collecting a pay check and a wasted roster spot

Armanti Edwards- Same thing and its time for the experiment to be over

Ron Edwards- Productive when healthy, but has been hurt far too often in the past 2 years.

Haruki Nakamura- If your on here, your pry a panthers fan, i think we all agree. enough said.


Jon Beason- A healthy beason on the field at OLB with kuechly and TD would be very very strong.. but because of recent injuries he deserves to take a paycut for the team. we know it and he knows it.

Chris Gamble- Our secondary played great when we lost him for the season but their is no arguing he's our best corner. we need him but if he isn't willing to restructure he may be cut.

DeAngelo Williams- He showed in the final 4 games how valuable he can be given opportunities. Hes very durable and doesn't have much wear and tear on his body.

Jordan Gross- Being the leader he is i have no doubt he restructures, he knows he's lost a step and is always willing to help the team.

Charles Johnson- He had another very good season and should get all the money owed to him, but restructure it into a signing bonus to lower his cap hit.

Ryan Kalil- The same as gross as far as willing to help the team, but same as CJ in the fact that he deserves his money. singing bonus situation.


James Anderson- With Beason, Keek and TD as the starters and the emergence of Jason Phillips has made JA expendable. He's proven to be a solid NFL LB and we could probably get a 5ht rounder from a LB needy team in exchange for him and free up roughly 2mil in cap space.

Jonathan Stewart- A lot of people won't agree with this. He was a better fit in chuds offense, but were not in that anymore. Stew's durability really concern's me, he would net us more in a trade than Dwill. We could land probably a 3rd and 5th for him, but thats completely just a guess.

Free Agency:

LT, Jake Long- With all the money we free'd up through trades, restructures and cuts Gettleman makes a mark on panther nation. He hit big on all of his big time FA signing's in NYG so he's not afraid to take a chance to be great. Long gives us one of the best young LT's in the game to grow with cam and allows us to move Gross over to RT. This is very possible with all the money that was free'd up. also this of the DA's and such of the world coming off the book.

S, Kenny Phillips- He follow's Gettleman over to Charlotte, won't require a big contract. Gives us a good safety tandem with Godfrey. He bring attitude to the defense.

QB- Jason Campbell- DA is a FA and i have jimmy getting cut. Campbell gives us a solid backup and knows Hue Jackson's playbook.

LB- Chase Blackburn- Cheap gives us LB insurance and is a good ST player.

Re-Signed players:

Dwan Edwards, Jason Phillips, Captain Munnerlyn, and jordan Senn


1st Round- Chance Warmack, G, Alabama.. Todd McShay has described Chance Warmack as the best interior lineman he has evaluated in the last decade, the greatest prospect since Steve Hutchinson in 2001, and he is absolutely right. The kid is a STUD. We have to keep cam upright and this shores it up with him at RG. Currently projected 15-20.

2nd Round- Jesse Williams, NT, Alabama.. Would give us a very stout DT against the run to go along with the pass rushers in CJ, Dwan and Greg. currently projected mid to late 2nd.

3rd Round(Hypothetical Stew Trade)-Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Tenn Tech.. Was the leading reciever in the SEC in 2011, but transfered due to a postive drug test. Big guy 6'3 208. Great hands, physical, not afraid to take a big hit over the middle.

4th Round-Levine Toiolo, TE, Stanford.. Were losing Gary Barnidge and Ben Hartsock as FA's, part of the reason is the potential I see in Toiolo. He is 6'8, 260. runs a 4.7. Had quite a few hundred yard games, could be a dominating red zone threat and great #2 compliment to Olsen

5th Round(Hypothetical JA Trade)-Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa.. 6'1 185.. solid corner with size, adds depth to the position and gives us a good dime DB.

5th Round- Dustin Hopkins, K, FSU.. Top place kicker coming out of the draft and it's a position we've had problems with.

5th Round(Hypothetical Stew Trade)-Tyrann Mathieu, DB/S, LSU.. He may or may not be there at this spot. Has been trouble with off the field issues and was dismissed from the team. But when on the field he's a playmaker and a ballhawk. Got to take a chance on the kid.

6th Round- Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina.. Running back is far from a need or anything but its a way of getting a very very very quality player whos recovering from a 2nd ACL surgery and stash him on your roster until he is fully fully fully recovered.

7th Round- Colin Klein, QB, Kansas St.. Had a great year last season, was a heisman runner up. He's projected 6-7th round. He would be our 3rd qb, molding him into our backup behind cam after we eventually let Campbell walk.

Starting Offense:

LT-Jake Long

LG-Amini Silatolu

C-Ryan Kalil

RG-Chance Warmack

RT-Jordan Gross

TE-Greg Olsen

WR-Steve Smith

WR-Brandon Lafell

WR-David Gettis

RB-DeAngelo Williams

QB-Cam Newton

Starting Defense:

DE-Charles Johnson

DT-Dwan Edwards

NT-Jesse Williams

DE-Greg Hardy

OLB-Jon Beason

MLB-Luke Kuechly

OLB-Thomas Davis

CB-Chris Gamble

CB-Josh Thomas

FS-Charles Godfrey

SS-Kenny Phillips

The main adittions of my offseason came in the trenches and it would make us immensley better. i personally would love this. What yall think?

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And I'm just gonna warn you now that the responses to this aren't going to be friendly.

I will not be mean and avoid snaky comments. My take on this

1. Coaches. Somewhat indifferent and I don't really mind this.

2. Cuts - ok

3. Restructures - ambitious and don't see it coming up quite this rosy. Not realistic IMO

4. Trade - same as restructures.

5. Free agents. Just don't see where the money comes from. Would be good if it happens without the qb but not realistic IMO

6. Draft. Not too sold on Warmack at 14 and he was the bright spot.

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I will be honest with you. If this happens I will be the happiest man in the world, but unfortunately there is no way that it does. There is no way were are going to create that much cap space to sign that many top flight free agents an second Jesse Williams is projected as a 1st rounder not a 2nd. But like I said if it happens ill be ecstatic

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Watch. Remember we actually have a gm now. Not hurney. He got the giants most of the guys on there roster. Hes not afraid to make a move. He will show no favoritism to anyone on the roster and he will make room to add in FA

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Watch. Remember we actually have a gm now. Not hurney. He got the giants most of the guys on there roster. Hes not afraid to make a move. He will show no favoritism to anyone on the roster and he will make room to add in FA

Agree he is probably better than Hurney but this is still stretching it. I am sure there is a way to make it work but I think all of thisisi a bit unrealistic.

And whats not to like about warmack? Pkease enlighten me regarding that?

You asked what we thought and I am providing an opinion that happens to differ from yours. Nothing enlightening. I'm just not sold on a guard with the14th pick. I can see it happening and it's not the end of the world but would like an OT if possible.

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well be able to afford kenny phillips, hes not gonna command a big time contract, jake long may be stretching it but there could be a possibility.. as for jesse williams in the 2nd i used walterfootball.com as my guide as to who is projected to be there. thats my bad. they have him in the middle of the 2nd, but a bunch of other places have him in the 1st.. sorry about that fellas.

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The FA list actually isn't that impossible IMO but there are a couple of issues I see:

- Dwan Edwards is actually under contract for 2013 but needs to be restructured/extended.

- Beason, D Williams, C Johnson and Kalil are not at a point where their contracts are able to be restructured due to their original signing bonus. I guess technically they could but it would only give you a few hundred thousand of savings not the millions that we need. Gamble contract isn't really able to be restructured either because he would be an idiot to restructure with that much due to him without a new huge extension and the Panthers would be idiots to give him that.

- G Williams and G Hangartner also need to be cut in order to get the cap space needed to sign FAs.

-Beason needs to be traded not Andersen. I would prefer Beason over JA but Beasons contract is a problem. JAs really isn't. Same applies to Williams and Stewart.

Basically the Panthers can actually get to about $10 million to spend on FAs and Draft picks (after re-signing their own FAs) but it will mean cutting a lot of fan favorites.

You have the right concept but the details need to be adjusted.

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